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Ashley Carter, Certified Insolvency Counsellor – Downsview

As a proven and successful Estate Administrator, Ashley is able to combine her love of the law and her deep concern for the well-being of others. Recognizing the power of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act to help people who are in financial crisis regain control of their lives, Ashley is pleased to be a part of the process that gives others a ‘fresh start’. The relief that she sees in her clients, is one of her greatest rewards.

Start with a free consultation where Ashley will provide you with a confidential assessment of your finances. Ashley will help you find the best solution for your specific financial needs and take the time to explain every step of the process, ensuring you will feel confident about your decision. We are not here to judge you we are here to help you rebuild your finances and start living the life you deserve.

Based on 111 reviews
Daniel Domingues
22:19 23 Jan 21
Ashley Carter was very nice to me and professional and she helped me with my issue and she answer my questions in email. She helped me a lot and she gave me less stress.
danny adlabi
20:11 19 Jan 21
Jackie Stanley was amazing she was kind and wonderful to work with i am so grateful for her help she set down went over all my questions and my situation and i got all the help i need it
David Gnesin
14:48 08 Dec 20
Ashley Carter was ver professional and understanding. Clearly she assisted in the best way to deal with our issues and executed them very efficiently.
Melissa Dowling
01:14 16 Nov 20
Ashley was helpful and efficient. She was clear with my options and made the process quick and painless. I appreciated her friendly and compassionate manner.
BigBen Reviews
19:16 28 Oct 20
They helped me in so many ways.. freed me form depression and being overwhelmed. Ashley is a amazing person, very busy but makes time for those who need it. If your stuck in life,call them.
23:16 04 Oct 20
When I called to have an appointment regarding my predicament , Ashley responded right away and help me step by step ON The proposalShe was so professional and very helpful . I would gladly to recommend her to my friends in need OF help
Erica Fabregui
20:41 15 Sep 20
Ashley from day one has been very helpful in answering all of my questions and concerns I've had. She has been very patient with my busy work schedule and was able to work around both our schedules to arrange our sessions and over the phone or zoom chats. She has been very responsive by email in answering all my questions. She has explained everything in detail throughout my whole process with her.Id really recommend her and David Skylar & Associates.
Maithamali Jiwan
18:45 29 Aug 20
Amazing Service, before they helped me I was drowning in stress and felt no way out. They helped take the burden off my shoulders.The agent helping me is Ashley and she is always there whenever I have any questions.Highly recommended!!!
Pam Amemori-Geurtsen
16:03 10 Aug 20
Dealing with Ashley at the Finch and Keele location gave me peace of mind. She was very helpful, walked me through the process and was very patient. Here’s to a fresh start!
Andy Tran
22:31 21 Jul 20
Ashley has been a great help to me with my current situation and has helped me solve my issue. Ashley is very professional and friendly and has made things very easy to understand. I would highly recommend!
Jonathan Gilks
02:15 17 Jul 20
My experience with this office was nothing short of stupendous. They assisted me every way possible, never making me feel ashamed of the position I was in. They offered sound advice, explaining all the steps. Thanks especially to Ashley who always went that extra mile.
kim mckenzie
20:40 08 Jul 20
The agent I dealt with was very transparent and easy to talk. Overall, I am very please with the service I have received. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone in need of a consolidation.
11:41 26 Jun 20
My experience at David Sklar and Associates has been great from the first consultation with Ashley at the Keele and Finch location. She was friendly and welcoming when we first met and was able to get me started on the right tracks to clear up my debts. The location was easy to find and the office is bright and organized. I recommend visiting Ashley at David Sklar and associates to get started on rebuilding your credit by getting out of debt! I wished I had looked into it sooner!
Kristopher Clarke
16:01 23 Jun 20
very professional and helpful service
Jamaludeen Hoosein
17:45 17 Jun 20
Ashley has done an amazing job did more than above and beyond with a very nice and professional way,highly recommend
Ellisa Atherton
00:36 23 May 20
The team at David Sklar & Associates are super friendly. We met with Ashley, and from start to finish she welcomed my elderly mom and carefully walked us through the process. Any nervousness we felt, was addressed with professionalism and care. There are multiple locations throughout the GTA, so it’s convenient. They are the best choice!
Michael O'Sullivan
01:26 12 May 20
I needed help, I was in over my head, called David sklar & associates, had the pleasure of dealing with ASHLEY CARTER ,they went the extra mile to help me, I'm do glad I did, now I sleep nights, all the pressure is off, I recommend them, if you need help call them once again THANK YOU, for all your help
Sharon Ninvalle
21:39 04 May 20
I met with Ashley August 2019 I was so worried but to my surprise Ashley was so very warm and most welcoming this was the best decision I made. In short Ashley help me so much by putting back together the pieces of my broken life. I am forever grateful for Ashley’s guidance and calming voice in person and on the phone. I would recommend David & Sklar & Associates (especially associate Ashley)Warm Regards,Sharon
Al Marignani
15:51 04 May 20
professional and very supportive service
Ashley lynn
18:00 05 Mar 20
I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley in jan/2020, i was very stressed out about my situation and she made me feel that I could get back on track. Ashley was always available to answer any of my questions and responded to a email if not immediately within 24hrs. I recently had my first counselling session and she educated me on how to budget so im prepared and I dont find myself in the same situation again. I highly recommend David Sklar and especially Ashley
Lidija Popovic
02:28 18 Feb 20
This by far was the best decision I made for myself to call David Sklar & Associates and dealing with Ashley was great. She was kind, understanding and extremely helpful with everything to help me with my situation..I appreciate her efforts and really a kind and considerate person to work with..thanks again
irene quarcoo
16:55 09 Jan 20
Didn't know about this till my friend told me about Ashley, she helped me a lot, explained everything to me and left her office in a great mood. Thanks to Ashley I was able to buy my own car and save a lot. I'm very grateful. Thank you Ashley for making my life a lot easier
Malka Edery
04:58 11 Dec 19
I was really worried about my situation. But when I met Ashley, she made me feel comfortable and explained to me all questions and worries I had about money. I went to her office few times and she even remember I had two pets. I would recommend her any time. I am very grateful that I meet her.
randee Shamasha
00:56 11 Dec 19
They are the best they are help me to much
Geeta Gajadhar
18:55 09 Nov 19
Ashley was very knowledgeable and kind.All my questions were answered and I left her office feeling like a 1000 lb weight was lifted off my back.Thank you again Ashley, you are amazing
Mark & Marsha Dolimount
01:11 26 Oct 19
Ashley was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable in getting us through the process of bankruptcy. She was very kind and warm towards us and she made us feel very welcomed. She always answered all of our questions and guided us through the process with ease. Overall we had an amazing experience and appreciate everything that was done for us.
Joseph Amankwah
21:42 03 Oct 19
Ashley has been an excellent help to me when i was going through my predicaments. She clearly explained every details involved in dealing with my issues and went further to advise with several couselling sessions on how to deal with my issue. I will recommed everyone having problems with debts to see Ashley at David Sklar & Associates at Keele and Finch area. You will never regret during your visit.
Flawlesz Promo
22:42 30 Sep 19
Ashley was very helpful in advising me how to deal with my financial debtand helping me pick the correct route to go
Shay Edwards
17:03 30 Aug 19
Ashley at David Skylar has been a very instrumental part of ensuring the whole process went smoothly with my CP. Everything was done and explained in a timely manner, and if I had any subsequent questions she responded very quickly. I would definitely recommend others to this location.
Carl Pisang
16:20 23 Aug 19
Great service! David Sklar & Associates provided me with the help I needed to get back on my feet from troubled times! I would definitely recommend their services if you are in need of help with debt! Great people to talk with and they dont make you feel embarrassed about your situation!
Val Biniaminov
11:46 09 Aug 19
Ashley carteramazing and easy experience for my first time .Ashley I can’t say thank you enough for all your hard work. You made this experience so easy and smooth.Thanks againVal bin
Tony Lamothe
20:09 25 Jul 19
Ashley was amazing. She listen and was very understanding with my situation and made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend her.
Tony B
11:36 16 Jun 19
Ashley was very professional. She made me feel at ease and answered all my questions in a manner that made feel better about my situation. I left very happy with the customer service I received and continue to receive from her.
Joanne D
00:13 24 May 19
I worked with Ashley and she was amazing! Very easy to talk with and understanding of my situation. Great service overall! I would definitely recommend Ashley and David Sklar & Associates!
Jerry Hoosein
05:19 22 May 19
Ashley at David Sklar & Associates make my life so easy after I visited the office .Great job and very politely to me. Thank you.
Lilibeth Dave
12:11 12 May 19
Ashley, the best person that you can count on...someone who is compassionate feels a strong sense of sadness when she see others who is suffering and tries to do something to help ease the suffering.And for that thank you so much...
Kathy Anderson
21:05 08 May 19
I have been more than happy with the help that I have received from Ashley Carter at David Sklar. She took the time to actually listen to what I said and made sure that I understood everything that was happening.
Mohammad Pakzad
23:31 23 Apr 19
After being stuck in a rotating cycle of trying to pay off debt and barely making a dent cause of interest rates, I decided to look into a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. After reading reviews I decided to book an appointment with David Sklar & Associates. My first appointment was a free consultation with Ashley. After going over my situation she gave me her recommendation for the course of action to take. I am now stress free and a weight has been lifted off of me, no more collection calls and trying to avoid them. On my way to becoming debt free. I'm so happy I made the call.
angela fitzgerald
13:50 04 Apr 19
I dealt Ashely and she was amazing. She listen and was very understanding with my situation and make me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Ashley and David Sklar & Associates inc.
Jaqueline del castillo
14:09 28 Mar 19
I was very scared going into this process, fortunately I met with Ashley for a consult and she was very helpful and empathetic with my situation. Thanks to her this process has been very easy and she has lifted a huge weight off my shoulder. I highly recommend her.
Rino Esposito
01:27 18 Mar 19
Ashley was very knowledgeable and understanding towards my situation. She made me feel like comfortable in a hard decision towards my financial future. She gave me all the options and her honest opinion, that she would choose if the table were turned. She also makes it easy to communicate via email.
22:29 12 Mar 19
Ashley is super nice and very helpful. She explained the program to me in details what other company wouldn’t do. I’m glad that I came to David Sklar & Associates Inc for help that I should have done so a long time ago. Now with Ashley’s help making the right decisions, I’m looking at much more brighter future financially. Than you.
Jim DeMelo
16:55 10 Mar 19
I couldn't have asked for a more competent and empathetic adviser than Ashley Carter. She truly was a saving grace in a time of apprehension and confusion. I consider myself fortunate for Ashley's assistance.
Mike P
17:47 19 Feb 19
As with most people seeking information and walking into a Trusttee's office, it can be scary and daunting. I walked into the Keel and Finch office scared and defensive and was greeted by Ashley. She was very compassionate and accomodating while presenting the process and information in a professional and easy to understand manner.Ashley effectively listened and took down the details of my situation and quickly came up with potential options for settlement based on my unique circumstances. Ashley is very knowledgeable and understanding and clearly explained the best option and highlighted the next steps to complete the selected filing. Ashley also works very quickly and efficiently. From my initial consult to the acceptance of the filing everything was handled and communicated perfectly and completed within a month or so.Deciding to take charge and fix your debt problems is entirely your decision and scary enough by itself. Once you decide, Ashley and her team at David Sklar will ease your fear and get you back on the proper financial path. Thanks Ahsley!!
Cody B
00:47 19 Feb 19
Went to David Sklar for helping me get out of debt and they were very understanding and non judgmental about the whole situation. Very professional and organised company. 10/10 would recommend and wish i had come earlier to help.
jack johnston
17:31 11 Jan 19
I had the most amaizing experience with Jackie Nancy and the receptionist they have being absolutely fantastic and have changed my life financial especially Jackie she is always helpful professional encouraging and always always make sure eveything is okI think the world of jackie also the recepionist very patience and helpfulThank you very muchCheersJack Johnston
Amado Marquez
23:17 09 Jan 19
my financial situation was worsen and don't know what to turn to until one day i'ved seen David Sklar on cp24, then there I met Ashley very accomodating, very professional and within a minutes I feel thankful and ease on the way home . Again thanks o lot!
Ron Dotzko
18:33 24 Dec 18
Being in financial debt can be one of the most stressful things in life. It can also create feelings of shame and embarrassment in us. I was feeling all these things when I first met Ashley and after that first meeting I felt that a huge load had been taken off my back. Ashely was professional, efficient, positive and reassuring. Never once was I made to feel uncomfortable about my situation. And she has continued to be understanding and supportive throughout the process. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am for Ashley's assistance to help resolve my situation.
Manrico Bianchini
18:37 14 Dec 18
I met Ashley Carter a while back to discuss my options. I found her to be very friendly, approachable, easy to speak with and considerate. Ashley listened to me and knew her stuff. She gave me hope, and that is very important when having to face financial decisions. I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me move forward.Thank you much Ashley!
Manuel Barboza
17:00 12 Dec 18
To be honest In the beginning I was very scared to discuss my financial situation with someone who I don’t know, but I met Ashley Carter Estate Administrator/ Financial Counsellor at David Sklar & Associates Inc office 1280 Finch Avenue West, Suite 406 very professional advised me of my options and details of the process.Excellent service I recommend it.
Zay Aden
22:30 06 Dec 18
I had wonderful experience at David Sklar. Ashley was the one helping me throughout my process of bankruptcy and she was nothing short of wonderful. She made me feel very comfortable and didn’t make me feel judged. She was very accommodating and was very willing to help, patient and very warm. This was an embarrassing and tough time for me and she made my experience so great and easy for me. I feel free and great! Definitely would recommend to anyone in financial distress, this was a top choice for me. I finally feel like I have control of my financial situation and can start bettering my credit and career! Thank you so much to Ashley and the David Sklar team!
Rachel Rees
21:34 04 Dec 18
After the free consultation with Ashley, I had the confidence that the financial challenges could be resolved through David Sklar and associates. It was a such a relief to have met Ashley who is kind, friendly, easily approachable, knowledgeable, able to understand the situation and clearly explain the options without being judgemental and was quite helpful throughout the process.
Carte Blanche
02:18 22 Nov 18
Ashley was simply the best very friendly and understanding and very knowledgeable and helpful I'm glad to have her on my team she made the process so easy made sure everything was understandable for me was able to accommodate my schedule I would definitely recommend her to anyone to this location she works at five stars across the board thanks Ashley
Helen Birru
12:01 17 Nov 18
i am satisfied with David Sklar & Associates inc. I don"t only see Ashley as my lawyer but as my close friend who listen and feels my situation. she was the comfort and solution that i needed. Ashley thank you for being a great human being.
Isabelle Llanos
17:26 13 Nov 18
HELP and I got it from Ashley Carter! It was a scary experience to be in my situation but she made it all better. I recommend anyone to visit David Sklar & Associates and deal with Ashley. She was welcoming, approachable, understanding, patient, empathetic, warm, informative, and extremely professional. A weight off my shoulders and I now have hope for a future thanks to her assistance guiding me through this difficult process. Thanks again Ashley & the David Sklar team! I am forever grateful.
Hope Continuity
23:05 12 Sep 18
Ashley Carter was very pleasant, friendly, professional and honest. I felt very comfortable dealing with her. I would definitely recommend Ashley & The Team at David Sklar & Associates Inc.
Patricia Phillips
12:33 27 Jul 18
My experience with David and Sklar is excellent my agent Ashley is amazing at the keele and finch branch the customer service is positive and always reach out to you in a timly manner with and concerns you may have go Ashely you deserve the stars
Albert Wilson
13:09 17 Jul 18
I was in a very bad place struggling to make ends meet, with credit card debt so I contacted David Sklar & Associates Inc. and spoke to Ashley and she was able to help me manage my debt with easy monthly instalments. Ashley thanks for all your help.
Alexis Menendez
14:26 13 Jul 18
Excellent service and treat.!!!!!Great help!!!
tracey hordatt-reece
12:46 05 Jun 18
I found the staff here to be very professional. They were helpful,courteous, and easy to talk to.They managed to take the stress out of a stressful situation. They walked me through the whole process step by step making sure that I fully understood.They guided me while listening to my thoughts on the whole matter. I would enthusiastically and without hesitation recommend the firm and the staff to all.
Brkn Cntrlr
01:16 26 May 18
Great experience, Ashley was clear and simple in explaining how everything will happen. Reduced my debt big time. My phone hasn’t been this quiet in a while!!!
maria theresa abcede
00:38 28 Mar 18
Ms. Ashley Carter is very accomodating, patient and helpful on my case. She is definitely an asset of an employee to David Skylar & Associates.
Zachary Sher
08:05 23 Mar 18
Very friendly staff, who are, above all, willing to help.Instructions are clear, concise, and given at every step of the way, through the process of your debt resolution.They are trustworthy, efficient, and ultimately committed to helping clients reach their financial goals.Definitely worth the call!
Josie Dart
14:41 13 Mar 18
I wanted to give my greatest thanks to Ashley & David Skylar & Associates Inc. for all the continued support and encouragement they give me through my current financial situation. Every email, phone call & meeting I have had with Ashley has always made me feel 10x better & not so down and depressed. (we all know how much just thinking about financial issues can bring on anxiety never mind having to speak to someone openly about your situation). Thank you Ashley, for guiding me in the right direction - the gratitude and appreciation I have for your support & services are unimaginable.
Tiaa Samaroo
00:54 22 Feb 18
I can’t say enough good things about Ashley Carter. A few months ago I walked into her office scared not knowing what to do and a complete stress ball. I was so scared to answer my phone if I didn’t know the caller. She sat me down gave my kids coloring books and explained every route I could take to become debt free. Within 10 minutes I could feel a weight being lifted off my shoulders, when I finally signed the papers the burden that was lifted was amazing. I made my monthly payments and I’m almost done! I saw Ashley today and she almost didn’t recognize me, I’m a completely different person because of her and the people at David Sklar. I can’t thank you all enough for giving me my life back!
lindy woods
19:52 05 Feb 18
Ashley has been so knowledgeable and thorough about my financial issues. Great personality, well seasoned, easy to talk to, compassionate and very full of hope.
barbee diaz
17:37 24 Jan 18
The experience I had with David Sklar & Associates is very empowering. I met Ms. Ashley Carter she took care of my case and she did a great job! Very detail oriented, made me feel very welcome. Giving me good advice about my future finances gives me a sense of hope to get back on track, soon. Thank you for all your help and support!
Abdul Noor Nasir
01:41 13 Jan 18
Ashley carter is a wonderful lady. She is always out to help people. She supported us and explained the options we have in our particular circumstances. I feel very safe and secure after speaking with her. She responds clearly and quickly and is always sympathetic and helpful. Thanks Ashley
Alison John-Wilson
03:10 11 Jan 18
I feel much better with myself nowAfter talking with Ashley and have given me such advice about my financial situation I can sleep better and also stress free.THANK YOU ASHLEY!!!
Jeff Straus
22:06 09 Dec 17
I'm at ease now that Ashley, from David Solar and associates,helped me find a debt solution best suited to my needs. I would recommend speaking to Ashley. I'm sure that she would be able to you to. J.
melanie groskopf
11:33 08 Dec 17
Hi Ashley you were very helpful to me .Thank you
michael padmore
16:33 07 Dec 17
David Sklar&Associates to me is the only company I would recommend, to help you out with you're debt problems. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after reading so many good reviews, seeing the commercials, seeing that they had multiple locations it was very easy for me to go in and see if they could help me. I met with Ashley and she is amazing, very approachable and couldn't be anymore clear with explaining everything to me. Within 35 minutes everything was explained to me, no rush no pressure. Ashley explained everything to me, I asked a lot of questions and all of my qusstions were answered without any confusion. I have already recommended them to one of my friends. With staff like Ashley it is very easy and fast to be informed and put in the right direction about any debt situation.
Marlyn Cueva
05:23 10 Nov 17
I met Ashley Carter and she assisted me very well.She's approachable and help me settle my issues.Really a big help.Thank you so much..:)
Tony Roost
16:17 02 Nov 17
My experience was amazing, and the support given was A1. Working through the process with Ashley Carter was surprisingly easy, and she was super professional. They provided great support with all of my questions, and Ashley was always available to answer any concerns i had. I strongly recommend David Sklar & Associates, and the amazing professionalism that staff like Ashley Carter provide.
Ali Aziz
18:26 24 Oct 17
Outstanding service by Ashley. Made the process easy and short. Very professional. Highly recommended.
Hemant Bunsee
00:16 23 Oct 17
It was a pleasure to work with Ashley of David Sklar & Associates Inc. Because of Ashley and her team, I am debt free, being a Father to my kids and a husband to my wife. I no longer have to think about my debts while having a conversation at home or at work. Today I live, smile with confidence. Thank you Ashley for your professional advice and making it a very comfortable experience for me.
Courtney Pryce
16:21 20 Oct 17
Piece of mind is all I can say. I walked in to David Sklar with no where else to turn. Ashley's comforting way of assuring me that everything would get back on track with my financial status really put me at ease. She is fantastic and I highly recommend her and David Sklar and Associates. Keep up the fantastic work Ashley 🙂
10:51 16 Oct 17
Ashley from keele and location helped me to start fresh financial lifestyle and educated me how to rebuild debit. Aside from her excellent service she also very approachable, polite and goal-driven person.
Raju Verma
22:40 15 Oct 17
Hi, I was going through a tough situation in January 2017 both financially and personally when I walked into the David Sklar office at 1280 Finch Avenue West. There I met Ashley for the first time and we discussed our options. Over the last 9 months she has been a rock of support and now I am in a much better place. I would highly recommend Ashley Carter and David Sklar & Associates Inc. for all your financial issues where a fresh start is needed. Thank you so much and keep helping others too !!!
Christine Zhou
15:27 13 Oct 17
Very helpful and professional! Highly recommended! Thank you!
Brian Butters
22:01 12 Oct 17
Excellent work Ashley ! Thank you for helping me get back on my feet . It was a pleasure and a very positive , informative and easy experience. Thank you David Sklar and Assiciates ! You provide a valuable service.
angie lees
19:03 12 Oct 17
The staff is very knowledgeable and very understanding. Highly recommended. .
cherry vidal
18:18 24 Aug 15
I am in big debt and i didn't know what to do. I didn't have a fulltime job. My income is not enough for the necessary things and bills are here and there. Collectors are calling me everyday. Scary! So i decided to get some help but i didn't know anyone who can help me. So i started searching in google then i saw david sklar & associates then i remembered seeing their ad thru television. So i called them and got an appointment. I have met SERENA, one of the estate administrator. She is very nice and it was such a big help for me. They will help you in everything they can. And you don't have to pay for their service. Now, i can finally breath. I strongly recommended DAVID SKLAR AND ASSOCIATES especially when collectors call you everyday and scare you that they will garnish whatever you have. Thank you david sklar and associates especially to you Miss Serena.
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What is a Consumer Proposal – Downsview?

A Consumer Proposal is a legally binding agreement offered by the federal government that significantly reduces the amount of debt you owe to your creditors. A consumer proposal is a popular alternative to bankruptcy as it consolidates and reduces the total amount of debt you owe, stops accumulating interest charges, stops wage garnishment, stops legal action, provides relief from collection calls and allows you to keep your assets. 

At David Sklar & Associates we will help you every step of the way through the proposal process to present the best offer possible to your creditors. After your proposal is accepted by your creditors you will be asked to make monthly payments for up to 5 years, that are based on your income, expenses, assets and what you can afford to pay. The proposal is a fair solution for everyone involved. Speak to our Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Downsview first to understand all of your options.

Personal Bankruptcy – Downsview

We understand that most of the people we help never imagined they would find themselves in such a difficult financial crisis. Most of the people we work with tend to be hard-working, honest people who, often for reasons beyond their control, are simply not able to pay back their debts.

Before we recommend personal bankruptcy, we work closely with you to see if any other debt repayment options can be used as an alternative, like a Consumer Proposal. Only when we are satisfied that personal bankruptcy is in your best interest, do we recommend this process. Speak to our Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Downsview first to understand all of your options.

Debt Consolidation – Downsview

We’ve all seen the ads claiming how a debt consolidation loans can get you out of financial trouble and reduce your monthly payments. Yet, you should know there can be significant risks with this approach.

If you have missed even one payment or received a collection call, it may be too late to qualify for a bank loan. To get a debt consolidation loan from a bank, you will need a spotless credit history, steady income, equity in your home or a co-signer.

If you use the equity in your home and are unable to make the payments, you could lose your home. Frequently, people who take out debt consolidation loans don’t know about the hidden high interest fees and find themselves in even more debt than before.

Speak to our Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Downsview first to understand all of your options.

Income Tax Debt

Income Tax debt can be a difficult challenge to overcome. Our Licensed Insolvency Trustee’s in Downsview help people who are overwhelmed by their debt load and have fallen behind filing their Income Tax. We can help negotiate with Revenue Canada to accept a reduced amount on your outstanding taxes and put a stop to the interest charges and penalties.

During your free consultation we will discuss all your options and help you prepare the required documentation. This will include getting your Income Tax reporting up to date. We will then speak to CRA on your behalf and request a reduction to your unpaid taxes.

The results of filing vary from situation to situation, but our experience has been that Revenue Canada is reasonable in its handling of people looking to resolve their debts and not avoid financial responsibilities.

Student Loan Debt

Managing your Student loan debt is important. If you decide to declare bankruptcy seven/or more years after you have ceased to be a student (part/full), your student loans will be eligible for discharge.

Speak to our Licensed insolvency Trustee in Downsview to review your current financial situation they will provide you will all the options available to help get you out of debt.

Our commitment to you

At David Sklar & Associates, our team is here to help you every step of the way. We not only explain every option available to you, we also give you the tools to help rebuild your wealth. Speak to one of our licensed debt professionals today. Let us show you there is hope and a way to financial freedom! The calls will stop, the stress will disappear, and you can start focusing on your future!

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