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Our supportive and caring Licensed Insolvency Trustees in North York can help you regain control of your finances by providing solutions to significantly reduce your debt, giving you the tools to rebuild a better, more financially secure life.

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Jackie Stanley, Certified Insolvency Counsellor- North York

With over 20 years in the financial industry, Jackie provides not only knowledge and experience, she has a sincere concern for her clients. Clear and straight-forward, she is able to offer her clients real solutions that will enable them to build a brighter financial future for themselves and their families. According to Jackie, “There is no better satisfaction than knowing you have helped another person realize their goals”.

Start with a free consultation where Jackie will provide you with a confidential assessment of your finances. Jackie will help you find the best solution for your specific financial needs and take the time to explain every step of the process, ensuring you will feel confident about your decision. We are not here to judge you we are here to help you rebuild your finances and start living the life you deserve.

Based on 259 reviews
Clayton Surujbally
17:09 18 Feb 21
Working with David Sklar has been an easy and detailed process. I am especially thankful for the personal services provided by Jackie Stanley as she has been very informative and always ready to answer any questions or concerns in a timely manner. I highly suggest working with Jackie if the opportunity presents itself.
Andrei Podeanu
02:09 01 Feb 21
Jackie Stanley will take you step by step in explaining the process professionally, answering all the question I had over the telephone or e-mail. We are very satisfied and grateful for her work and effort. Dan Podeanu
1 blaze
18:36 21 Jan 21
Jackie Stanley take you step by step in explaining the process professionally, replying on our every question over the telephone or e-mail. We are very satisfied and grateful for her work and effort.
Tree Broker
14:33 20 Jan 21
Jackie and the team at David Sklar and Associates took my very stressful situation and made me feel at ease. I was treated with respect and understanding from the start of my process right through to the end. Prompt email and phone responses made it feel like I was at the top of their priority list.Jackie and the team at David Sklar are the best in the business. I would highly recommend using their services.
Jeremy Y
14:04 20 Jan 21
Has helped me put to gather all my financial debt and find a reasonable offer and deal in making payments towards all my debts as one. Has been patient and kind service one on one. A big thanks to Jackie for helping guide me through my process!
02:09 20 Jan 21
Jackie is an amazing person, she takes her time to make sure you understand everything. Every question I had she was always a email or text away with a quick response. Thank you again
mer irf
19:59 19 Jan 21
Jackie made me feel very comfortable from the minute I walked in. She treated me with humanity and respect. She is also very professional and knowledgeable; she explained very clearly what was involved. Thank you Jackie for giving me the chance to start anew.
evangia cawley
17:51 09 Dec 20
From consult to resolution the service was highly professional. I felt heard and understood. There was no judgement. Jackie always responded to my questions in a timely manner. Most of all, Jackie went all out to see that I got the best care and advise she could find.
16:20 09 Dec 20
So grateful to the whole team at Sklar for the opportunity to start fresh after a very difficult time of job loss. They went the extra mile for me and have been stellar! J
Lioudmila Riagouzova
15:28 09 Dec 20
David Sklar and Associates is an outstanding firm. Jackie Stanley is an excellent, professional and warm trustee. Thank you Jackie.
Chris Childs
06:27 17 Nov 20
Firstly I liked the convenient location (Head Office) located on the north side of Fairview Mall, parking was also as never a problem. Took myself some time to really 'Hit rock-bottom' before realizing that I had no choice, But to declare bankruptcy. Skylar & Associates was the first Trustee office that I contacted speaking to Associate Jackie Stains for a free phone consultation. Not knowing much about the process (bankruptcy) I also talked to other Trustee companies before ultimately trusting my 'Gut' by choosing David Skylar & Company's, Jackie. Highly recommended for her friendly, non judgmental approach & explanations regarding the Process. Questions were welcomed. Today I have a hopeful direction to move forward with far less stress & seeing light at the 'end of the Tunnel'!Chris Childs.
Abbey Kasirye
17:07 14 Nov 20
Jackie Stanley you’re so amazing.God bless you
Zoran B
15:32 05 Nov 20
Jackie Stanley was amazing , very patient and helpful , she made whole process easy and painless .Thank you for your help JackieZoran Bozic
David Alie
22:03 08 Oct 20
Jackie was amazing and help me through my stressful time, it was fast.I was also treated with respect.I recommend Jackie to help you.
Dr Kwasi Donyina
13:54 08 Oct 20
The greatest mistake I made in my life was to marry Caroline Gordon, a Ghanaian/American after my beloved wife, Georgina Donyina, passed away in 2015. I thought that all wives were excellent partners like Georgina. I added Carol's name to my bank accounts. Unfortunately Carol was a gold digger. She emptied my accounts. She stole over $70,000.00! (Hard Cash). All of a sudden, I became poor and could not service my debts.Jackie was "God sent". In less than a week, she professionally guided me to have the Consumer Proposal completed. I am very grateful to Jackie. I reached rock bottom financially but now, I am free. No stress and no depression. I have gained my life back.I strongly recommend anyone experiencing financial BURDEN to talk to Jackie. All the financial challenges will be solved very quickly, efficiently and with empathy.May God bless Jackie immensely.Rev. Dr. Kwasi Donyina, Minister of Religion, Professional Engineer and a Board Certified Alternative Medical Doctor.
Sujan Patel
12:56 07 Oct 20
Amazing experience. Thank you Jackie and the entire David Sklar team for making my process stress free and easy. Jackie is very professional and friendly at the same time. Always available when need help.
Andy B
12:13 07 Oct 20
I got burnt from another consumer proposal company who took money from me and did nothing. Jackie was empathetic, patient and a great listener. She did not use financial jargons but instead explained everything in a simple and professional manner. I felt comfortable talking to her and asking numerous questions. Jackie is a people person and does her job well. I will recommend her and Sklar for the 100% trust and care that I received
Francesca Scorsone
10:36 07 Oct 20
Jackie Stanley was amazing. She went out of her way to help me and my sister with a challenging situation. She was kind and wonderful to work with. I am so grateful for her. She truly made a difference for us which meant that my sister could move on financially. I highly recommend her and David Sklar & Associates Inc.
Alummoottil Thomas
17:48 06 Oct 20
Customer friendly, Client focused professional service.
Alice Lam
18:08 13 Sep 20
In 2019, I had a bad experience with another insolvency trustee. It almost turned me away from getting professional help. Had I not googled another insolvency Trustee, I would have still been stuck in a black hole as I was already in one for the last 10 yrs paying credit card companies with high interest rates. I am so glad to find David Sklar & Associates. There were so many positive reviews of Jackie Stanley helping others get out of their situation. I knew I had to get in touch with her. The moment I met her, she just made me feel so comfortable, and at ease with my situation. I didn't feel judged or embarrassed. She understood my issues and helped me find the best solution to eliminate my debt. I feel like I am finally on my way to a positive life changing path. She is such a lovely person! I wished I had found her earlier! The best thing that could happen to you is to contact them if your situation is out of control. Trust me, You won’t regret it!
13:22 02 Sep 20
Jackie was amazing in helping me resolve my debt. I still have a ways to go but I'm super excited! Jackie was professional and very responsive when I had questions. Overall a great experience.
Phil Phillip
04:50 02 Sep 20
I was afraid and had to think a lot about consumer proposal until I meet Jackie. But after I met her, she explained detail what to do and plan for my financial problems. I can make decision to get rid of headache and stress from my debt. Thanks to Jackie and David Sklar Company. Anyone who is having a financial problems don't waste your energy or time to think. Just try to meet her and make plans your bright future without the debt.
akis diamantopoylos
21:54 01 Sep 20
Jackie is amazing! She helped us understand and took the stress off the process. Thank you!
Marsela Tolica
15:56 01 Sep 20
At David Sklar I was treated as family, I love my Insolvency Trustee she is amazing. She knows it and I let her know always they are "The Best" I am so glad they took care of my Consumer Proposal and later my Bankruptsy
Stephanie Darling
13:08 01 Sep 20
explained everything so detailed so you can fully understand what they are doinghelped point me in the right direction to better my credit and futurewould 100% recommend them to everyone!
anthy klonaris
12:23 01 Sep 20
It was a very hard decision to accept the fact that we needed help. Jackie Stanley is an amazing person. She took us under her wings and explained the whole process. She replied to all our questions and advised us what to do. Honestly we think we have taken the right decision and we gained a friend out of this. Just talk to Jackie and you will know what I mean exactly. Thank you so much for everything!!
Donna Dela Cruz
22:36 07 Aug 20
I couldn't be happier with Jackie's services. Jackie was knowledgeable , courteous, and assertive. I'm very grateful and lucky to have been helped by Jackie. Neal who referred me to Jackie is an absolute blessing. Anyone one else struggling maintaining their debts should call and ask for Jackie, you will not be disappointed.
Jose S
20:01 07 Aug 20
Dealing with debt is difficult as is. But Jackie helped out tremendously, taking my calls and alleviating an already stressful situation, answering all questions, and returning all my calls. Jackie has helped out tremendously and I highly recommend her and David Sklar.
Yvonne Adega
00:15 11 Jul 20
Jackie Stanley did a great job, she explained everything in details, I was very satisfied with what she did for me and I would highly recommend her to everyone I know who needs her service.
Mary Vivilecchia
15:24 08 Jul 20
My experience with Jackie was truly amazing. I went with the consumer proposal, which secured my home. Jackie helped me and guided me through the whole process. I was very stressed and upset when she and I first spoke about my options. She was very good at listening and not judging my current financial state. She made me feel better and reassured me that everything would be fine (it felt to good to be true!) I have been stressing with my financial crisis for some time now and this decision was the best decision I could have made for myself. The relief of no more creditors calling, threatening me and the best thing about it, is now all my money goes to principal not the interest! I would highly recommend Jackie and the firm. They are wonderful people and will truly help you and guide you in the right direction! Thank you Jackie and Team!
monique smith
23:36 07 Jul 20
Really helped me with my debt would 10/10 reccomend them to anyone!
Quinn Alexis Plan
04:06 16 Jun 20
Jackie Stanley is a total rockstar. I’m so lucky to have the appointment with her cuz she made everything easy. She really cares about every single aspect of your problem. She listens the. explain and lay solutions. Can’t ask for more. Thanks so much Jackie!
14:41 12 Jun 20
Jackie Stanley has an excellent customer service. Very helpful, very knowledgeable, very friendly and very professional. Thank You Jackie! I highly recommend Jackie Stanley and David Sklar Team!!
Jay W
01:00 11 Jun 20
I recently filed my 2nd consumer proposal, both with Jackie Stanley (North York Location)..Jackie is super knowledgeable, very friendly and helpful and I would recommend her to anybody who has debt issues!Thank you Jackie 😊
Andrea Power
17:59 09 Jun 20
My husband and I met with Jackie Stanley from David Sklar & Associates to help us with our financial situation. She was very professional, friendly and courteous while explaining the terms of our proposal to us.
Denys Borodchak
18:37 08 Jun 20
Special thanks to Jackie Stanley for her very professional approach in my case. Not so often you come across someone who actually listened to your problems and provided any means necessary to help,especially in times like these. Would highly recommend.
Daniella Panetta
17:13 08 Jun 20
Jackie is very professional and kind. Very quick to reply to my emails amd phone calls.I would definitely recommend their services
M. Diallo
19:49 27 May 20
I received excellent service from Jackie S. and the DS&A team. She's always quick to answer all my questions and concerns. I'm very satisfied with the service provided, they've put me on a stress-free path towards re-establishing financial stability in my life. My only regret is that I did not contact them sooner. Thank you very much again.
Cinthia Guevara-Solis
17:54 27 May 20
Jackie Stanley was really great! She makes this whole process a whole lot easier! I recommend her and her expertise. Thanks Jackie!
Dennis Mabilin
09:12 06 May 20
The service that I have with Jackie Stanley was beyond excellent! She was so helpful and answers all my queries. She makes things simple and clear to me, she was very approachable whenever I asked her on matters that I don’t understand. The process was fast and quick with her. I am thankful and grateful that I chose this company and with Jackie Stanley hands. I would definitely recommend David Sklar and Associates Inc. to anyone who have financial problem.
16:32 05 May 20
Jackie S. assisted helping with a consumer proposal for a family member. The process was seamless and efficient. I can't thank Jackie and the DS & Associate team for such a stellar result!
Carmen Roché
10:29 05 May 20
Jackie Stanley is very professional, knowledgeable, confident and emphatetic.She was able to give me the peace of mind I was needing .I am really grateful to her.Thank you David Sklar & Associates!
Maria Raposa
01:19 05 May 20
A great Trustee that you can depend on.Jackie S. was very professional and compassionate in dealing with whatever financial crisis you’re in. She would let you feel comfortable and very responsive that there’s always a solution to every financial problem. She listens very well to the situation and assessment follows what has to be done.Thank you so much Jackie for putting back my confidence.You’re one of a kind human being. Big asset to the Company
janice Carter
00:47 05 May 20
Having to resort to personal bankruptcy is emotionally challenging but Jackie Stanley made the experience much less painful. She operates with humour, compassion, understanding and clarity in explaining all the facets of the process. She is a real asset to the David Sklar organization and I would highly recommend her to anyone facing this reality.
Con Gui
00:06 05 May 20
Jackie Stanley goes above and beyond! Very helpful and share legal knowledge against creditors that keep harassing your vulnerable situations.
21:10 04 May 20
I contacted David Sklar & Associates to set up a consumer proposal under a friend’s recommendation. I’m so glad I did! I worked with Jackie and she was absolutely amazing. Very kind and professional, and answered any questions I had promptly. She made suggestions on how to best to rectify my financial situation, and was pleasant to deal with the entire time. She was very knowledgeable as well. I would highly recommend her, as she was such a pleasure to deal with! Also very impressed with how everything is set up during these hard times. Offering zoom meetings instead, allowing for everything to be completed virtually to keep their staff (and the community) safe is amazing! Great job!
Germaine J Muirhead
23:21 28 Apr 20
Highly recommended their service. I dealt with Jackie and she was professional, courteous and knowledgeable about my situation. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with their debt.
Elizabeth B
04:53 27 Mar 20
I met Jackie during one of the most stressful times of my life. She has made me feel safe and almost normal again. I started feeling like there is hope for me for a better future. Her nonjudgemental approach and leadership executed with kindness are perfect for her job.Jackie does not only help people with their finances she also helps you bounce back mentally and emotionally.I highly recommend her and David Sklar & Associates.
10:49 20 Feb 20
I was laid off and had found another job but was still struggling with my credit card payments. I was so embarrassed and worried all of the time. Jackie Stanley helped to put my mind at ease. She is a bright light- I feel I am on my way to getting a handle on my finances. Thank you Jackie!
Derek Christie
10:08 19 Feb 20
Jackie Stanley and the staff at Sklar have earned a 5 star rating. From the very beginning of the consumer proposal process, Jackie has been helpful, knowledgeable, efficient, professional, informative, courteous and humane. She and the staff made my difficult situation easy to deal with. They helped me chose the best options and made it simple to proceed with. Affordable too! I HIGHLY recommend her services and that of Sklar. Thank you Jackie and Sklar!
Raymond Chung
01:58 19 Feb 20
I was devastated when my credits bill racking up months after months and interest building on top of one another. That’s when I google and try to find a solution to solve the problem I had, that let me lost sleep at night and my phone keep on ringing, til I was ashamed to pick up the call.When I was reading about David Sklar and Associates at the beginning I was skeptical, but I really needed a new beginning and I was like what do I have to lose, so I decided to make an appointment.Jackie Stanley was helping me out a lot, she explain to me steps by steps as I knew nothing about financial proposal. I felt much better after talking to her and I can feel relief and I do see there is a new beginning. Thank you David Sklar and Associates, a well trusted, knowledgeable and a professional team. Keep up the great work. I would definitely recommend anyone searching for a debt solution to give David Sklar and Associates a call.
John Hodgson
19:26 18 Feb 20
I had best experience ever with Jackie Stanley .She made me feel comfortable and empathized with my situation.She is a professional whose mandate is to do the best she can for her clients
Sparks Jessop
16:18 07 Jan 20
I cancelled my appointments three times, as I thought I could have paid my bills in full without the help of David Sklar & Association.Little did I know, I was just adding more pain to my already injured financial situation.I finally found the courage and scheduled the fourth appointment, and am happy I did.Jackie seamlessly explained the full process, without making me feel guilty of my financial situation.She genuinely works with you, ensure that you are comfortable and ready to start a new financial journey.My appointment was a success and I walked away with a lovely chocolate bar😀. Thanks to Jackie Stanley and I do recommend David Sklar & Association.
Nathan Davis
15:54 06 Jan 20
Awesome experience. Jackie always made me feel important and her solutions were optimal. I wish I made the call sooner. Thank you.
17:17 03 Jan 20
Hi there,I would like to advise "David Sklar" to everyone who is looking for financial relief or advise. They are very professianal, knowledgeable and opened to provide any posible help to resolve clients financial difficulties. I would advise them to my friends.Professional, reliable and knowledgable service.Thank you for your bussniess.Tatiana.
Carmelo Avarino
19:59 02 Jan 20
i was referred to David Sklar & Associates, my trustee is Jackie Stanley, she was very helpful and professional all around excellent person to talk to, I highly recommend Jackie as a trustee,Also I myself very rarely take the time to write reviewsJackie Stanley was deserving.
Mike L
12:49 22 Dec 19
I was scared and unsure of everything It took metwo trys to finally give my name, I was lucky theyoung lady who answered the phone the second timecoaxed me in and took her time with me, she showedgreat empathy after hearing my plight she very gentlyencouraged me to speak to Richard Sklar.Richard was incredible he put me at ease and beganimmediately upon the task of cleaning up my messas there were some complications that needed remediedprior to my declaring bankruptcy.Richard referred me to a third party an exceptionalprofessional named Elizabeth, she assisted in preparingmy papers and resolving my complications.When I was ready to declare bankruptcy I was introducedto Jackie and an entire team of great people.They were all dedicated and great at their jobs.I felt like I was at a funeral home for my financeseveryone was helpful and sympathetic, as meetingshappened throughout the process they were encouragingand positive and very helpful. They made this difficultexperience as painless as was possible.The attitude at David Sklar and Associates was one ofgenuine concern, When I went to the Mississauga officeat the very end I met yet another great professional theyseem to be everywhere at David Sklars.a lady took the time to sit me down and walk me throughthe final steps leading up to discharge.This woman was not even my rep and she didn't mind.Bankruptcy was one of the most challengingtasks I ever had to complete, I cant thank the Peopleat David Sklar enough for all their help.I wish you all a Happy Holiday your professionalismand dedication combined with the empathy you showedme are so appreciated.
Samantha Myers
22:26 18 Dec 19
Prior to going in about inquiring and finding a solution to my debt I was very nervous and to be honest I was more ashamed of my debt problem. But once I walked through Jackie's office door, those feelings quickly went away. Jackie was so welcoming and she is such a nice, honest and empathetic person. She understood my situation without any judgment and quickly found a solution that will benefit me in the long run. Thanks to Jackie, I now feel at ease.
Илья Олабин
22:20 18 Dec 19
Jackie Stanley assisted me in filing Consumer Proposal. She eliminated stress from the process and answered to all my questions without any delay. Happy that I was able to work with her! And thanks David Skliar company for such support in very hard period of my life.
Carol O'Neill
22:10 18 Dec 19
Jackie was great she helped put me at ease as I was very stressed about being able to pay my bills.Jackie helped me to understand how this will go and how my bills will be paid I am very greatfull for her help.Thank youC O
Ankur Walia
14:15 12 Nov 19
Very friendly and understanding, thank you Jackie.
Giuseppe de la Rosa
01:36 12 Nov 19
The staff at David Sklar & Associates are very nice and friendly. They are knowledgeable in their field and I would recommend their services for the best expert advice. Jackie Stanley at their head office in Toronto was very helpful with helping me go through my debt. She also referred me to a great accountant. Thanks to her guidance I can now continue to focus on my work and enjoy life.
01:08 12 Nov 19
It took me quite awhile to finally seek help and advice as I thought I could take care of things myself. I got to the point where I was very stressed and no longer sleeping well so went to David Sklar & Associates and was introduced to Jackie Stanley. Jackie immediately put me at ease and helped me see a much better future. Jackie is very thorough, knowledgeable, friendly and understanding and I highly recommend her to anyone struggling with debt as I was!
Sydney Johns
22:33 11 Nov 19
I was hesitant the first time i visit the office but when i met jackie it was like i've known her for many years and she assure me that everything will be fine and she was very truthful about the whole process and was very professional in doing such a great job .
15:44 31 Oct 19
Jackie Stanley was a godsend. She made my husband and I feel at ease during our meeting with her good nature, down-to-earth and friendly attitude. She was very helpful in answering all our questions and addressing our concerns. Jackie was sympathetic to our situation and she offered much needed reassurance that everything will work out. She was right, my amended proposal got accepted by the creditors and I'm on my way to a brighter financial future. Thank you Jackie for the incredible service you provided, it is much appreciated!
Lori W
01:50 13 Oct 19
Only have good things to say about Jackie Stanley from David Sklar and associates. She’s very knowledgeable, sincere and understanding. Can’t thank her enough for her patience and in helping me through my issue.
12:41 10 Oct 19
I met Jackie Stanley, an amazing person and a highly knowledgeable professional. Thanks a lot, Jackie.
21:02 09 Oct 19
Jackie is wonderful. She is kind, compassionate and professional. I was going through a very difficult time and felt helpless when I sought help from David Sklar & Associates. They introduced me to Jackie and she was immediately able to put a smile back on my face. She made me feel comfortable, relieved and happy, again. The best part about going to David Sklar & Associates is how easy everything is. They were straight forward and made sure I had a thorough understanding of the process. My only regret is not seeking their help sooner.
Riannah Williams
00:31 03 Oct 19
Jackie is wonderful, she went above and beyond for me. I was in a very time sensitive situation and she came through with no issues. I am very grateful and forever thankful to her for all that she has done!L.Russell
Sharon Dizo
16:56 25 Sep 19
Hi Jackie, thank you so much for everything that you do to make people like me get more sleep, have less worry, learn to budget, learn to live within my means. More power!
Evangeline Victorino
19:35 04 Sep 19
Ms.Jackie Stanley is one of the best human being I have ever met. Her compassion in helping people is truly amazing. Her dedication, passion, and positive attitude toward others is unmatched. I can say with great confidence that Jackie is an asset to any company or team she will be part of. Thank you Sklar & Associates for the excellent help I received from your company. A special appreciation goes to Jackie for helping me get my self esteem back. God Bless and more power to the whole team of Sklar & Associates.
Mark Bileinger Agreda
18:35 04 Sep 19
Jackie was wonderful . Very helpful and professional.
Jasmine Nathaniel
20:05 03 Sep 19
Jackie is great. Love her personality and she is very knowledgeable. Funny, professional, and great at what she does!
Isaac Gordon
11:56 14 Aug 19
The best service.......Jackie was very nice, efficient and knowledgeable
George B
14:54 09 Aug 19
Jackie Stanley deserve a 5 stars, she is an A+ in personality and professionalism. She extended me her great help in finding a solution to my debt problem that dragged for over 10 years. I recommend Jackie to anyone who is looking for honest and top quality service, I guarantee you won't find any better in the market.
Terri-Lynne Sidney
17:31 17 Jul 19
I've worked with Jackie Stanley to resolve some matters and she and her team are absolutely fabulous. She's very knowledgeable, professional, and always available to answer questions, I highly recommend her and Sklar.
Kristal Studios
15:33 24 Jun 19
Jackie made me feel like I was family and she was so invested in helping me achieve my goals for a debt free future. Would recommend the service here to everyone.
Dennis McCormick
15:44 12 Jun 19
I have to give 5 stars to David Sklar & Associates. I was given prompt professional service. And am fully at peace nowIf you are having difficulty with your finances, I suggest you give David Sklar & Associates a call.
elena slavskaia
23:18 11 Jun 19
I was very satisfied with the service I received from Jackie . She is really efficient and friendly and easy to understand. Thank you Jackie for your understanding and helping me. From the beginning, she evaluates the situation and answers any possible questions that we had. Really grateful for your kind and generous efforts.
Jorge Vega
01:09 22 May 19
Excellent service all the way thru. The representative of this company, Jackie, is very professional and patients to my needs. +++A
Maxwell Le Breton
15:58 16 May 19
Overview: I am very impressed with Sklar & Associates. Inc.In Particular: I am very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Certified Credit Counsellor, Ms. Jackie Stanley. She was most efficient and courteous and friendly. I was pleasantly surprised at her ability to put my mind at ease with respect to my financial problems. In my case, the solution entailed a 'Consumer Proposal' which my creditors accepted forthwith. I highly recommend Sklar and Associates Inc. to anyone, in financial difficulty.
Yvonne Lue
04:33 10 May 19
I am so grateful to Jackie for her understanding and compassion in helping me find the best option to resolve my financial situation and hope to rebuild my life in the near future. Thank you for not being judgmental and making me feel so at ease as I was anxious and stressed out! I would recommend Jackie to anyone who needs her service.
Debora Alberico
20:47 09 May 19
I’ll admit, I was extremely nervous and quite embarrassed to be in our situation, but We were treated with the utmost respect and dignity the moment we walked through the doors. We were made to feel like there was nothing to be ashamed of and that everything would be ok. Jackie was extremely compassionate and understanding, and never once made us feel uncomfortable. To say that we are satisfied with the service we received from Jackie would be an understatement. We haven’t felt this sense of relief in a very long time and the amount of stress that has been eliminated from our lives is unbelievable! We have our lives back and we couldn’t have done it without the dedication of Jackie Stanley of David Sklar & Associates. Thank you so much!
Jacqueline Cielto
19:19 09 May 19
To whom it maybe concern.Just like to let you know that Jackie Stanley was very cooperative and understanding with me. I Will recommended her to anyone who need help.
Aqeel A
17:30 09 May 19
THIS IS THE BEST TRUSTEE EVER THEY ARE THE # 1 TRUSTEE IN Canada AND ASLO SPECIALLY I WANNA THANKS Jackie she did amazing work alway treat us like the we are there family members Thanks Jackie. From Aqeel/Shabina
Adi Kanda
15:51 09 May 19
Jackie Stanley is a marvel, a goodhearted and endlessly patient soul. CRA challenges are no fun at all, but if anyone can help find calm in the storm, and a concrete way forward, it is Jackie.
David Outos
15:29 09 May 19
I Think Jackie, and the team at Sklar and Associates are the best. Jackie made me fill comfortable and safe. She explained every detail of what was going to happen to me. I’d recommend Sklar to anyone who has gone through tough times
karen gonzalez
12:02 04 May 19
I can't say enough good about this company - specifically Jackie, who helped me thru an incredibly difficult time. At no time did she make me feel that I had done anything wrong nor did she have any judgement attitude - she was friendly, courteous, REAL, prompt, professional - the list goes on. There is not one thing that I am critical of in the entire process. And now I feel I can breathe again. I look forward to the mandatory consults that I will have with her one on one - for the reason of getting help, but just so that I can see her again in person and she can see the difference in ME that she made happen. She has made my life so much better. Thank you Sklar & Associates.
Daniel Bassi
16:26 23 Apr 19
I went to Jackie completely lost and feeling a little down about my finances. Jackie swept my problems away while explaining each step of the solution along the way. She made me feel secure and safe during the process and is a fun conversationalist. I have already recommended her to friends and family and would do so again!
Pablis 23
23:20 22 Apr 19
I am glad that i have went with David & Sklar Associales. Jackie Stanley has gave me great advice and has helped me out as being my trustee. I have also referred a friend that also referred somebody. Excellent service.
15:28 19 Apr 19
The walk through session with Jackie to capture my debt vis-a-vis income, and my current age and health situation had been a pleasant journey ... resulting in the elimination of my ethical question about filling a Consumer Proposal. It was a life saving experience ... I'm now on the way to "Till Debt shall we part".Thank you Jackie ...
Skyler Scott
19:43 17 Apr 19
Jackie is amazing and changed my life!! Great company and great service.
Paras Chauhan
18:59 17 Apr 19
Jackie really helped me out at my tough time , seriously you go with tensions and return with big smile on your face. From bottom of my heart, I really want to thank Jackie shown me new path to go ahead and build my credit again in future.
michael w
18:35 17 Apr 19
I recieved excellent service from a knowledgeable representative who analyzed my financial situation and offered me the best possible solution to my situation. I am very pleased and now have a piece of mind regarding my finances
18:15 17 Apr 19
Jackie Stanley is a wealth of knowledge, straight forward and supportive! She is a breath of fresh air during a time when you often cannot breathe. - Thank you Jackie!
John Hegedus
21:39 25 Mar 19
Great service all around. Jackie Stanley’s expertise was outstanding and I feel so much better about my financial future!!
16:36 20 Mar 19
Excellent understanding and service. It was with something approaching dread that I approached my meeting with Jackie Stanley at the head office of David Sklar & Associates. However, I should not have worried. Jackie immediately made me feel at ease, and as our conversation proceeded she soon banished my fears and suggested a workable solution to my problems. I am so relieved and so grateful to her for her understanding and expertise. Do not delay...go see Jackie!
02:25 20 Mar 19
Jackie Stanley was very helpful and informative. Very understanding with my situation,as I was going through with this process .Jackie answered all my questions and concerns in a very professional way .Although it's a difficult time for myself,Jackie helped greatly make it less stressful .I have called the office with a few questions,and Jackie responded very quickly to answer all of them . Thank you VERY much to Jackie and the team at David Sklar .
Andrew Pelley
02:04 20 Mar 19
Thank you so much Jackie for making the process as easy and painless as possible. I really appreciate the way that you understand what the client is going through without pointing fingers and maintained a professional demeanor when it came to the work end of things. You have removed a lot of the stress I was under and allowed me to enjoy spending time with loved ones without the constant calls. Thanks again.
Joanne O'Neill
01:00 20 Mar 19
I cannot say enough on the positive side about my experience at David Sklar & Associates Inc. In particular, I want to give a shout out to Jackie Stanley who has been extremely helpful to me as I went through an agonizing process, both mentally and physically. Jackie was kind, helpful and honest about my situation. I so appreciate her input and effort on my behalf and I am grateful that when I needed help, Jackie was the best!! I say a big THANK YOU to her.
John Sklar
02:19 12 Feb 19
Went to see Jackie today and i tell ya what a great person she's very good and puts you at ease so glad I went there took a huge load of my shoulders!!!! Not quite there yet but hopefully on the road to recovery.. If you have any type of serious financial problems GO THERE THEY WILL HELP YOU!!! Thank you so much Jackie i look forward to finally putting this mess behind me with your help.
Philip Colford
15:02 08 Feb 19
A very sincere thank-you to David Sklar and Associates and to Jackie Stanley!After years of struggling with significant financial debts I called their office and met Jackie Stanley . Her kindness and non-judgemental attitude made it possible for me to discuss my situation and she gave me the courage that I could not find in myself . She is very thorough and knowledgable and she has been a great support. Honestly I have not felt alone.
13:39 03 Feb 19
I worked with Jackie. Not only was she extremely nice, but organized. She has a calm demeanor, which for me was extremely helpful. Jackie was able to help me within a week of our first visit, and now I can rebuild my life feeling better and more confident, thank you Jackie for all your help!
Kazi Faisal
16:03 02 Feb 19
Jackie Stanley is my savior. She is very very helpful and friendly. Understands my situation and gave me courage. Thanks to Jackie and David Sklar & Associates Inc.
jack johnston
17:49 11 Jan 19
jj the people were amaizing and helpful and change the life for ever thank everyone from the receptionist to all the staff cheers
Moises Munoz
01:48 10 Jan 19
I really recommend David Sklar & Associates Inc. Jackie was very kind and professional with me, she explained me all the process to detail. Thank you Jackie for all your help.
Mariela Chavez
22:47 07 Jan 19
I'm very thankful with David Sklar & Associates Inc. you can't imagine the weight off my shoulders and now I can sleep better.. thank you so much Jackie Stanley for everything you have done for me, you are very kind, caring and you really know your job.. you're amazing!! thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of heart, you guys are the best!! I highly recommend to everyone who is struggling with debts to go to David Sklar & Associates Inc. believe me they are a group of professionals ready to help you out to get your life back on track!!
Maeghan Ewins
21:21 07 Jan 19
I was recommended this company from my father who has used them in the past. I went in for a consult with Jackie and she immediately made me feel comfortable. She explained my options very clearly and with no pressure.I am so very happy that I had Jackie there working with me through the process, couldn't of done it with out her and the David Sklar & Associates.I highly recommend.
T3 B
19:31 07 Jan 19
Great atmosphere. Jackie was so kind and helpful.
Everett Bain
19:10 07 Jan 19
I'm so thankful for the opportunity that the team at David Sklar and Associates gave me when the banks wouldn't good job.
Madonna Loveman
18:26 07 Jan 19
Very friendly staff. Jacky was amazing and made you feel very comfortable. Would reccomend this place to anyone.
17:32 07 Dec 18
Jackie is God sent. She made know that a fresh start is possible. Thanks.
Karen Canlas
01:39 13 Nov 18
I want to share this experience. Jackie is my advisor and and She is truly amazing person she helped me a lot and i feel so relieve after meeting with her and now im more confident with myself. She is friendly, amazing, wonderful person I met I cant thank her enough for helping me with my situation. I would defenitly recommend her and the company. I appreciate all her hard work and and her beautiful smile. I"m glad I met a person like her. Thank you so much Jackie. All the best 🙂
22:12 05 Nov 18
I want to share my experience with the company. I Googled for a company who can give my mother a hand due to Financial difficulties. I was lucky enough to find David Sklar & Associates. I called and I got an appointment right away. I met with Jackie who was an amazing adviser. She made the process easy. She was very supportive and kind. Thanks to them my mother is in a better place financially and emotionally. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE GOING THROUGH TOUGH TIMES.
Gata Loca
13:22 02 Nov 18
I cannot express my gratitude and delight enough with Jackie Stanley at David Sklar & Associates. After a series of traumatic and devastating events this summer, Jackie was extremely patient and kind with me and guided me through the process of a consumer proposal, step by step. It took a few appointments due to my emotional condition, and she was just Outstanding and went above and beyond for me. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DAVID SKLAR & ASSOCIATES! In particular, Jackie Stanley. They helped me get my life back on track and moving forward for success. If you find yourself in a similar position I strongly encourage you to call them right away. They made a sad process feel empowering and hopeful!
Erol Wood
15:18 29 Oct 18
Jackie was just amazing! Very understanding and kind person to work with. I'm very fortunate to have chosen David Sklar & Associates, their team set me up with just the right person and solutions were offered that fit my needs to a tee. What a saviour!
Mike Estolas
18:57 09 Oct 18
I was assisted by Jackie, She was very professional and kind.....
zubair ahmed
15:25 09 Oct 18
Jackie is best and she will help and guide you the right way!
Ashley Kellestine
13:49 09 Oct 18
Jackie was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and she was quick to put me at ease as I was an anxious wreck before our meeting. She went above and beyond to make sure I was relaxed and comfortable, explained all options available and didn't move on to the next option until I fully understood what she was talking about. Every staff member at David Sklar and associates are courteous, professional, and respectful. I would recommend David Sklar and associates to anyone who has any financial problems.
Kathy M
00:53 04 Oct 18
Many thanks to Jackie for all her help!!
Tyna Sayavongs
14:53 18 Sep 18
I was very nervous walking into this place, I was ashamed and lost at what to do with my situation. But I am so glad I made the decision to go in for a meeting and come to the decision I made. Jackie helpped me and made me feel so comfortable. She explained everything to me in full detail and told me all the possibilities. My situation wasn't easy but they tried every solution to help me. The staff is knowledgeful and helpful and tell you straight up how everything will work. Thank you Jackie for being awesome and helpping me. So grateful. As well the turn around time is amazing, and process is so easy to file everything and gathering of details. A efficient office of staff.
c c
18:52 14 Sep 18
Highly recommended to everyone who has financial issues due to debts , want to live debt free and start for a brighter future. I met with Jackie she is such a lovely lady she made the hold process simple and stressfree. I was nervous about this but she explain everything and made me see there was a light at the end a dark tunnel. Thank you so much Jackie.
Patrick Cardnell
07:56 14 Sep 18
I was pretty nervous entering the building, but that feeling vanished the moment I sat down with Jackie. She is such a lovely and professional lady, and she made me feel at ease setting up my consumer proposal. Her down-to-earth approach was very genuine, and she had such a glow about her. I can tell that she truly loves her job, because she loves to help others. Based on Jackie alone (don't get me wrong, every single person I met that day was very pleasant and helpful) I would recommend David Sklar & Associates to anyone who is having issues with debt. Thank you very much Jackie! My family thanks you as well! Patrick Cardnell
Hope Continuity
14:41 04 Sep 18
Ashley Carter was very pleasant, friendly and professional. I felt very comfortable dealing with her. I would definitely recommend this company.
Quinton Harbans
22:47 31 Aug 18
Jackie was helpful and gave me all the information I needed. She took her time to listen and answer any questions I had. No complaints regarding the service I received.
17:38 23 Aug 18
I was so skeptical at first at entering to any Debt Solution services, but I was in the verge of mental breakdown from the stressful financial situation I was in before. I made a call to David Sklar and went on my first appointment for consultation. Then I met with Jackie Stanley and she made me feel at ease right away. She was very supportive and non judgemental about my financial situation. Jackie took the time to make sure I understood the entire process and answered all my questions . I felt genuine care when I was at their office. I just finished the program and was able to buy a house. Now I have a fresh start. Thank you all.
richard boucher
16:00 15 Aug 18
excellent service and very friendly. made us feel very comfortable through out the process. would recommend David Sklar & associates to all that need debt help. Thank you very much..
Masoud Safa
15:15 11 Aug 18
The service we got was amazing.Jackie was so helpful, and we cannot thank Jackie enough for the help she has provided to us during a very stressful time. Jackie Stanley made the entire process very easy. I highly recommend Jackie and David Sklar & Associates.
Albert Baltazar
15:01 09 Aug 18
Debt was my biggest problem for couple of years but with David Sklar and Associates especially Jackie who helped me find a solution to start a new chapter of my life. I felt so relieved knowing that there is still a solutions to all my problems. Jackie was very kind, helpful and accommodating. She will not judge you whatever financial problems you have but she will definitely help you get rid of those problems and anxieties you have. I will definitely and highly recommend David Sklar & Associates especially Jackie to all my friends if they needed help with their financial consolidation. More power and bless you all for helping people like me.
03:43 13 Jul 18
We cannot thank Jackie enough for the help she has provided to us during a very stressful time. We believe we are on a much better path now than before we walked into her office. In addition to the information she provided to help us make an informed decision, she made herself available for any questions we had, answering those questions in a very timely manner. We feel very fortunate to have gone through this process with her. Thank you, Jackie!
Necolan Thomas
16:50 06 Jul 18
MRS . Stanley help me through a difficult time she was very patient and she took her time to walk u through the steps which fits ur needs. I would recommend Mrs Stanley anytime.
Terry Nicholson
18:34 04 Jul 18
Professional, friendly service, I was treated with respect and dignity, I can't thank them enough, I would recommend their services in a heart beat.
Jeff Hilaire
12:04 13 Jun 18
They Provided Me Excellent Guidance During my Bankruptcy & Consumer Proposal journey. Collection calls stopped very soon after paperwork was signed, and payment options are extremely affordable. Also easily accessible via public transportation. Friendly staff as well. Would strongly recommend their services for anyone struggling with Heavy Mounting Debt.
Alex Fesenko
00:28 13 Jun 18
I would like to say THANK YOU to Jackie Stanley for helping me in my financial situation.
Jason Oszoli
22:47 12 Jun 18
The service I got was amazing.Jackie was so helpful and easy to get along with. She really made me feelAs it was a easier process then I thought. I highly recommend Jackie and the good people at David Sklar & Associates.
Sam Miller
14:39 12 Jun 18
I had Jackie and she was amazing! Answered all of my questions and was very nice through the whole thing. Strongly recommend David Sklar & Associates.
Marc Haddad
20:48 11 Jun 18
Jackie is very professional offering the best solutions for all of your financial debt problems. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a proper solution to financial crisis.
20:14 11 Jun 18
It was a difficult decision to contact David Sklar but I am glad I did. I met with Jackie Stanley and she made me feel at ease right away. She was very supportive and non judgemental about my financial situation. Jackie took the time to make sure I understood the entire process and answered any questions that I had.She truly cares about her clients and wants to help in any way she can. So glad I made the call to David Sklar. Now I have a fresh start . Thank you all.
Frank Travelho
13:24 25 May 18
Jackie Stanley was great to deal with and made the process as seamless as possible. As well, due to her positive attitude and extensive knowledge, I felt comfortable and optimistic as she walked me through getting my affairs in order. Her follow up and support was greatly appreciated!
Shawn Warner
21:54 19 May 18
I walked into the office very nervous and when I left I felt at ease.The receptionist was very pleasant. The Administrator, Jackie Stanley was awesome. She explained everything and ensured that I understood before I signed anything.Because of Jackie, I am going into a new car in a couple of days.Thank you Jackie and David Sklar.
Trish Rowana
17:25 15 May 18
We were really nervous, but Jackie made us feel comfortable and was there for us step by step.I would say to anyone having financial difficulty to give them a call and look at the options.Thank you this was a super difficult time for my family. Now we see a better financial future thanks to Jackie and the great team at David Sklar.
Marietta Pontejos
00:35 15 May 18
Jackie made me feel at ease right away with her very likable personality. She was very professional and explained to me clearly the details and paper works of my situation. She reassured me and made me feel that it is not the "end of the world" I came out from the meeting with her, feeling relieved. I could never thank her enough.
Teresa Samuel
00:06 15 May 18
Jackie was very friendly and super helpful! She explained everything thoroughly and told me that I could call her anytime if Ihad any questions about the Proposal process. Thank you so much for making a difficult situation easier than I expected!
23:30 12 May 18
Going to see Jackie at David Sklar was the best thing I could do for myself. Not only was she super friendly , she made me realize that I could start over. Thanks to Jackie i am stress free. She walked me through every step like she was a good friend looking out for my best interest. I was worried about being judged and not taking responsibility. She made me realize that going to see her was the responsible thing to do and praying for something to change wasn’t going to happen on my own.Thank you so much for giving me my life backTammy
Adelina San Diego
09:08 11 May 18
I was very reluctant to come and apprehensive to meet with Jackie the first time but Jackie made me feel so comfortable. She's knowledgeable and explained to me the whole process. I felt so relieved after leaving her office knowing she has my best interest at heart. She's so amazing and I couldn't ask for more! Thanks Jackie!
mustafa can topal
22:21 10 May 18
I am glad that I had a chance to go and ask help from David Sklar and Associates. They definitely know how they handle the situation smoothly. Especially, Jackie Stanley was so confident and helpful. Keep up the great work and many thanks!
14:16 24 Apr 18
My experience with Jackie at David Sklar & Associates has been fantastic. VERY helpful, and VERY knowledgeable! After a poor experience with another trustee before visiting this office, this was a breath of fresh air! Put my mind at ease, and helped make my situation much better.
01:08 18 Apr 18
For years, I have been so hesitant to ask for help with regards to my financial problem and with managing my debts. Until one day, I finally decided to contact David Sklar’s office and met Jackie. Jackie was very approachable, professional and kind. She made sure that I totally understand everything about the process and answered all my questions and concerns along the way. Jackie made me realize that it’s not too late for me to have a stress-free life by starting anew financially. Kudos to Jackie and the rest of the team!
masood chaudhry
22:48 17 Apr 18
Excellent service and fully satisfied. Referred to Jackie and found in her a truly professional and helpful person.
16:36 17 Apr 18
Jackie was a very professional in handling the situation that I had. Jackie is a good listener and she never judged me of my wrong decisions in life. A very kind and Understanding person to the problem that I’ve been through. The team/ the Firm helped me to build my life back and start a new chapter for the betterment of myself. Thank you so much
Heather Emily
16:27 17 Apr 18
I was referred to Jackie, and she made this process simple and stress-free. She made sure I understood every step of the way. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, kind and dedicated to her work. I would definitely refer her for anyone in need of these services.
J Angela
20:10 12 Apr 18
Jackie has been an AMAZING advisor. She ensured that I knew what was going to happen by filing a consumer proposal. She answers right away when you need her. I feel very well taken care of by the firm because of Jackie and her guidance. Thank you Jackie!
Olivia Copeland
19:37 04 Apr 18
I was nervous to ask for help financially but I could not handle it on my own. I worked with Jackie and she was very professional and calm which out me at ease. They are open to questions and have good answers and are willing to explain if need be. All in all it was a good choice to make.
Karen Rickard
16:35 28 Mar 18
Excellent services very happy with my outcome.
Chris Fernandez
23:37 24 Mar 18
Very efficient in helping with my needs. Offered great service and were very reliable.
Debbie Giaouzis
03:16 19 Mar 18
I'm truly very happy with all the wonderful service I was given by David sklar and associates .. a very BIG thank you to Jackey Stanley for all her help ...i truly can't thank her enough for making me feel I have control of my life once again ...THANK YOU AGAIN
Drazen Milobara
02:26 19 Mar 18
Top notch service from a top notch firm, Jackie at head office was incredibly helpful and understanding. Thank you for helping me start a new chapter in my life. Highly recommended!D.M.
Dan Himelson
16:46 18 Mar 18
I was very impressed the way Jackie welcomed me and was very interested in my financial situation. I found Jackie very thorough and helpful.
rez sarvi
00:04 17 Mar 18
I highly recommend David Sklar & Associates Inc. The staff are efficient, kind and reply to emails/ inquiries in a timely manner. Jackie is great and makes me feel confident that my debt will be settled and soon behind me. Thank you.
Josephine Balbidades
04:36 16 Mar 18
Professionally and well explained by Ms. Jackie Stanley..Thanks for helping me start a new beginning 😍😄😍
Eleanor Gerochi
15:19 15 Mar 18
I had my revliews recently about David Sklar & Associates but I failed to mention Jackie who is so experienced in helping me with my financial problem. I am so lucky that I had her to help me. Thanks so much Jakie for the help. I appreciate it very much. E.G.
Robin Simpson
17:13 01 Feb 18
Jackie Stanley has been assisting me for the past 6 years. She is kind, knowledgeable and very very understanding. David Sklar has helped me 100% and has always been able to answer all of my questions and concerns and left me feeling less anxious about things. I would recommend this firm to anyone who needs them.Sincerely,Robin
Allyza Masangkay
03:47 01 Feb 18
I was actually hesitant at first to go get financial help but Rhoda assured me everything will be taken care of. The service is amazing. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to this field. She gives me advise on what to do. She is also very accommodating with time frame as I am coming from another place. So far, things have changed a lot because of their help. Its more comforting and easier to manage now coz you know they have your back.
Patrick Sway
14:53 20 Jan 18
I am glad I found the right place and the right person to talk to with my financial issues. Thank you so much Jackie for your help! And of course to David Sklar😁. Now, I am free with debts!
jennifer upton
20:10 10 Jan 18
Best resolve I ever made, the only thing I regret is not doing it sooner....don't wait, or hesitate, just do it. If your lucky enough to get Jackie then you are on your way to a very positive change in your life. The payments are affordable and you will soon be working your way to a new and happier lifestyle. Thanks Jackie and all the wonderful people at David Sklar and Associates.
Amita Kant
11:51 10 Jan 18
Great experience through a rough time of our life. the staff is really great, helpful, warm and cooperative. Jackie is was really very understanding and handled our situation with patience making the whole process easier to handle. I felt very light and relaxed when we walked out of her office
Patricia Durán
02:32 03 Jan 18
Excellent costumer service, very good advice about the services and options for me to be debt free. Thank you so much Jackie for everything. 😊
Felicia C
01:27 28 Dec 17
Great service... I always leave feeling better than when I got there...super great staff with great interpersonal stills... I love what they have done for me. I would happily recommend them to anyone dealing with theses issues. Thank you all for your hard work. Jackie you are a super awesome person! & Mark’s jokes are funny! Thanks for making what could have been really difficult seem so easy and comfortable.
Rob T
17:22 14 Dec 17
Very helpful and easy to work with.
Sep Liaghati
22:27 11 Dec 17
best experience through a rough patch in life. Jackie really understood my dilemmas and battles with debt and really made the whole process easier to handle. Not only did I leave there knowing my life is now on the right path but she also made the whole experience much more delightful with her warm personality and genuine heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Luie vibal
19:45 11 Dec 17
I wanted to say Jackie Stanley is such a amazing person...thanks jackie for all your help., David Sklar is very lucky to have you.😊😊😊
18:29 20 Nov 17
hi their I'm writing this MSG to let you know how much I appreciate your help and effort in helping me and giving me the right way to improve my financial situation and I can't thank JACKIE ENOUGH FOR for everything she's done to make it happened you guys are the best thank you again
infogoldenvillas infogoldenvillas
23:32 14 Nov 17
Excellent customer service and support all the way. Thanks! Jackie Stanley
J&D Huhtala
15:37 14 Nov 17
Jackie has always been very helpful whenever I have to deal with her, having this company help me get out of massive credit card debt has made life so much easier! It's way too easy to get in debt but luckily places like this exist to help, you just need to control yourself after to not get back into debt...debt is evil! lol
Braeden Mitchell
12:17 13 Nov 17
Extremely helpful. Very professional. I'm super excited to be debt free thanks to Jackie and David Sklar and Associates! Would highly recommend them to any friend/family member who can't see an end to their debt
Ea Camarines
22:51 08 Nov 17
Jackie Stanley is absolutely amazing! I called and the receptionist was able to book me right away with no hassle. Also every time I felt I was running late for an appointment the receptionist, who's name escapes me at the moment, always reassures me that I have nothing to worry about she will take care of the time shifts. I felt ashamed, stressed and fed up as entered and left feeling confident that I can get back on my own two feet. Thanks David Sklar & Associates!
18:56 07 Nov 17
jackie is the best she helped me out very well... i got there and everything went on smoothly and good... she is awesome and a very big asset to the company for her excellent service thank u jackie... see u soon:)
Robert Mulolo
22:05 06 Nov 17
Great service and very helpful. I have my piece of mind again.
Zeynep O.
19:24 06 Nov 17
My experience so far with David Sklar is great. Jackie Stanley is the one who help us when we first went for consultation. She told us through the process step by step.I’m so thankful especially for Jackie and I’m thankful for all the stuff of David Sklar.I would highly recommend these guys here. 👍🏼👍🏼Zeynep O.
Adam Herman
19:02 02 Nov 17
The people at David Sklar & Associates made me feel like a new person. Jackie was extremely helpful and understanding. It has been 6 months and I still reach out for advice and she always helps. If you are in need of a fresh start reach out! They are there to help!
Catherine Scott
00:05 31 Oct 17
My experience with David Sklar & Assoc. was an entirely positive one, due largely to the help of Jackie Stanley. She walked me through the whole process in easy to understand terms and did it all with no judgment whatsoever. Thank you Jackie.
Marie Dickinson
02:40 26 Oct 17
I am so happy I went to Jackie for advice and am now on my way to being debt free. Everyone was so helpful and friendly
04:06 19 Oct 17
My experience at David Sklar & associates was Great. Every one is so helpful especially Jackie. Jackie is the one who help us when we first went for consultation. She is very friendly, kind and easy to approach. She guided us through the process step by step. I’m so thankful for Jackie and I’m thankful for all the stuff of David Sklar and associates for all the help.
Rocco Panetta
00:03 19 Oct 17
I am impressed with your services ! My experience so far has been great! Thanks Jackie and rest of team! Rocco P
Sandra Humphrey
22:46 18 Oct 17
Remarkable, kind and considerate staff!Jackie Stanley is a treasure!!!Thank you
Trini P
13:59 18 Oct 17
I had an awesome experience with this company and Jackie Stanley was the best in walking me through it. As well, I met David Sklar personally and other staffs that are just wonderful people. I had recommended some people to this company and their experiences were just awesome, very good and most of all, job is well done. More power to you Jackie and David Sklar & Associates.
00:51 18 Oct 17
Jackie Stanley your help was beyond measure. Thank you
ma. rossana tolosa
18:01 17 Oct 17
Jacky Stanley is the BEST!She is always available when you need her!
Mohamed Hersi
18:39 12 Jan 17
From the start, the front desk staff of the David Sklar & Associates Inc. gave a really professional impression. The moment I decided to utilize your services, you were often on hand to assist with any queries and questions that came up along the way. Your honest and solid experience has been marvelous.I was and I am yet extremely impressed with the services you have provided and are willing to provide. I am very appreciative of what you have done on my behalf. I am actually blown by the amazing service you had done for me.I wish to take the opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful service you have provided me. I am especially grateful to the warm and nice members of this professional organization such as Colleen who had responded to my first telephone call to the organization and directed me to Ashley Carter who had taken my case and has handled efficiently and professionally.Ms. Carter is a profoundly pleasant and very decent human being. I found her to be very conscientious and thorough in her work with excellent attention to detail. She is a great human being who provides astonishing services while still retaining a personal touch, all questions often have been answered within very short moments and her support is second to none.My wholehearted gratitude to the organization’s members will not be complete without including Mrs. Shirley Sklar, the effective and efficient office manager and the trustee, Mr. Karol Michronski. Mrs. Sklar is a great, competent and skillful manager of the organization who effectively comforted me when I had missed my appointment with Ms. Carter at the head office of the organization due to a TTC delay that very day.She rearranged my appointment to my satisfaction. She has wonderful and great attitudes. She is an experienced and pleasant human being with abundant knowledge of management with clear path to follow in managing various cases.She knows well when to hold certain situations lightly and when to drive certain situations with a high degree of urgency. As for the trustee, Karol Michronski, I found out that he is a warm and pleasant human being who is equipped with competence and huge knowledge of the law.To conclude, I am greatly satisfied with your service and I will not think twice in recommending you to the people I know and to my friends.My eternal gratitude to you. God bless you all.
Ersah Obaob
00:02 17 Sep 16
David Sklar & Associates Inc. they are very helpful. I got helped right away the minute I went in into their office. Jackie Stanley helped me everything.She gave me relieved of my situation. She is very helpful, passionate, friendly and very accommodating person.Over all, they helped people like me who need a big help financially. They always there at all times. I am very confident that I can highly recommend them to those people who needs financial solution to come to David Sklar& Associates Inc.-245 Fairview Mall Dr. Unit 720 North York, ON
Trinidad Baksh
16:42 03 Feb 16
I am stress free now, Thanks to Cori and the proposal department, they helped me and understood my situation. I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for them. David Sklar is the best !!
asil hamid
17:06 11 Aug 15
my visit to that office was a life saving for me.I really love the service especially at that office they have a powerful lady called Jacky.I feel speechless with what did she help me with.From the first moment i logged in to her office and i was soooooooo depressed she removed the stress with her lovely smile and kindness welcoming.She pulled me from the darkness to the light.
Marco Riyal de Torres
13:00 05 Aug 15
My experience so far with David Sklar is great. I arranged a meeting about a year ago and so far, it's going well. I spoke with Ashley at their Brampton location. She was very thorough with the process and helped me answers any doubts/questions I had. My mind is now at ease and can't wait to be debt free. For anybody thinking of going into some debt counselling or credit counselling, I would highly recommend these guys here. They will discuss with you everything and follow up to make sure you're in the right track.
Mandeep Singh
00:47 02 Aug 15
I have nothing but praise for this association, and believe me I did my research regarding choosing a debt relief program. The journey was not an easy one, but through this association I was able to put things my finances into perspective and finally de-stress. I was in a dark place in my life and still am due to health problems, and it’s such a relief to come across great company with an amazing staff. Never once had a bad experience and my questions were fully answered and felt no pressure to begin until I understood fully. At the beginning I was paranoid, skeptical you name it, but I must say, I am thankful to come across David Sklar’s company. I would recommend to anybody, who is drowning in debt and just needs a helping hand, believe me, you will not regret. The best part, you are protected from day one and there is no doubt on the process. I am extremely thankful to Mrs. Rhoda Lewis; there are not enough words to describe her professionalism and overall general support. She is a great asset to the team. For every problem there is a solution, and David Sklar & Associates Inc is a great solution. No regrets! All praise! An extremely satisfied client. Cheers.Sincerely:M.H.
kyla-anne ewart
18:53 28 Jul 15
The people that work at David Sklar are absolutely amazing they explained everything in detail so we would understand every processes that was going to happenthank you to Jackie for taking the time to answer all our questions
Hollee Mac
12:54 27 Jul 15
I had such a good experience and outcome with Serena that I recommended my sister to contact her too. I could not have asked for a better person to help me, and am now hopeful for my financial future.
Michael S
23:27 22 Jul 15
Past retirement and faced with accumulating debt and disaster, with considerable trepidation and after seeing the name of David Sklar & Associates , I telephoned to enquire as to what one should do when overwhelmed by debt. The courtesy at the “switchboard” was wonderful, and the friendly understanding atmosphere throughout was of immense help in soothing my nerves.I was thoroughly impressed to find the large staff available at more than one Office, and had the privilege of having my situation handled by Richard Sklar himself, whilst seeing that there are indeed many professionals in the Sklar Offices, all ready to offer assistance.Not only did Richard Sklar find time for me, but indeed was good enough to see me on three occasions in order to provide a very thorough and understanding analysis of the procedure deemed best to follow in my particular situation. I am left impressed with the time dedicated to my affairs and to the very reasonable cost involved, particularly in my impecunious situation.As a result of the warm reception accorded to me overall, should I ever encounter any poor soul afflicted by overwhelming debt for whatever reason, I would immediately suggest that such person have no hesitation indeed in entrusting their diminishing monetary affairs into the hands of David Sklar & Associates for advice, guidance and eventual liberation from the difficulties of debt, however accumulated or brought upon the individual.
Brenda Lahey
23:06 15 Jul 15
I can genuinely say my experience with David Sklar & Associates Inc. has been nothing less than amazing! Mere words are insufficient to express the gratitude for their compassion, empathy and assistance. The staff is spectacular!
Lorna Sutherland
20:44 14 Jul 15
This place is a blessing and a miracle. I thought it was over for me. My son researched and I ignored for a while because I didn't believe such help existed. I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. I then started praying and one day I just turned on the TV and saw the number and made an appointment. After filing with David Sklar & Associates, I now have tears of joy.I want people out there to know that there is help out there. All you have to do is make the call.
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What is a Consumer Proposal - North York?

A Consumer Proposal is a legally binding agreement offered by the federal government that significantly reduces the amount of debt you owe to your creditors. A consumer proposal is a popular alternative to bankruptcy as it consolidates and reduces the total amount of debt you owe, stops accumulating interest charges, stops wage garnishment, stops legal action, provides relief from collection calls and allows you to keep your assets. 

At David Sklar & Associates we will help you every step of the way through the proposal process to present the best offer possible to your creditors. After your proposal is accepted by your creditors you will be asked to make monthly payments for up to 5 years, that are based on your income, expenses, assets and what you can afford to pay. The proposal is a fair solution for everyone involved. Speak to our Licensed Insolvency Trustee in North York first to understand all of your options.

Personal Bankruptcy – North York

We understand that most of the people we help never imagined they would find themselves in such a difficult financial crisis. Most of the people we work with tend to be hard-working, honest people who, often for reasons beyond their control, are simply not able to pay back their debts.

Before we recommend personal bankruptcy, we work closely with you to see if any other debt repayment options can be used as an alternative, like a Consumer Proposal. Only when we are satisfied that personal bankruptcy is in your best interest, do we recommend this process. Speak to our Licensed Insolvency Trustee in North York first to understand all of your options.

Debt Consolidation – North York

We’ve all seen the ads claiming how a debt consolidation loans can get you out of financial trouble and reduce your monthly payments. Yet, you should know there can be significant risks with this approach.

If you have missed even one payment or received a collection call, it may be too late to qualify for a bank loan. To get a debt consolidation loan from a bank, you will need a spotless credit history, steady income, equity in your home or a co-signer.

If you use the equity in your home and are unable to make the payments, you could lose your home. Frequently, people who take out debt consolidation loans don’t know about the hidden high interest fees and find themselves in even more debt than before.

Speak to our Licensed Insolvency Trustee in North York first to understand all of your options.

Income Tax Debt

Income Tax debt can be a difficult challenge to overcome. Our Licensed Insolvency Trustee’s in North York help people who are overwhelmed by their debt load and have fallen behind filing their Income Tax. We can help negotiate with Revenue Canada to accept a reduced amount on your outstanding taxes and put a stop to the interest charges and penalties.

During your free consultation we will discuss all your options and help you prepare the required documentation. This will include getting your Income Tax reporting up to date. We will then speak to CRA on your behalf and request a reduction to your unpaid taxes.

The results of filing vary from situation to situation, but our experience has been that Revenue Canada is reasonable in its handling of people looking to resolve their debts and not avoid financial responsibilities.

Student Loan Debt

Managing your Student loan debt is important. If you decide to declare bankruptcy seven/or more years after you have ceased to be a student (part/full), your student loans will be eligible for discharge.

Speak to our Licensed insolvency Trustee in North York to review your current financial situation they will provide you will all the options available to help get you out of debt.

Our commitment to you

At David Sklar & Associates, our team is here to help you every step of the way. We not only explain every option available to you, we also give you the tools to help rebuild your wealth. Speak to one of our licensed debt professionals today. Let us show you there is hope and a way to financial freedom! The calls will stop, the stress will disappear, and you can start focusing on your future!

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